I have chosen to be a sculptor, particularly in bronze as this medium allows me to express my passion for the automobile and the human figure. I always had a dream of being a painter, but God had another path chosen for me and I now create only three-dimensional works. I work with the tools God has given me to take the dust of the earth, form it, and attempt in my own mortal way to bring life into it.


It is my goal to capture the imagination of my viewers with the look and feel of speed and excitement. I also try to pass on a bit of history of the automobile with each new sculpture; for with the development and transformation of the automobile came the thrill of speed, freedom and the excitement of travel.


For close to 40 years, I worked for General Motors Design as a Design Sculptor. I worked with a team designing both the interior and exterior of General Motors cars and trucks.


In my private life as an artist, I have created sculptures in wood and bronze using techniques greatly influenced by the methods I learned while at General Motors. Now I am trying to design and create new sculptures with emotion, excitement and speed. Each new piece must tell a story and draw viewers into that story. My goal is to tell the history of the automobile in bronze with all the excitement which was experienced in the early years of racing.


I have been happily married to Faye, my wonderful wife for over 50 years. We have 2 daughters and 5 wonderful grandchildren. In my free time, I enjoy fishing, boating, tennis, swimming and playing with my grandchildren.